Pam’s Gowns have a wide range of Accessories to compliment your dress including jewellery, tiaras and gloves. Shoes are in sizes 3-8 with some styles available in sizes 9-11 colours gold, silver, black, burgundy and navy, and other colours can be obtained. We stock a wide selection in our showroom in Camborne. Make a visit and take a look.

For the bride, shoes are available in ivory or white but can be dyed to match any outfit. Heels can
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Selection wedding hats Pams People Camborne
  Lots of amazing and beautiful hats for your special occasion available for you to try in our showroom. With
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Purple fascinator on headband
Flora In the shop we have a wide range of Flora enabling you to match and easily accessorize your outfit.
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Fascinators Pams Gowns have a wide selection of Fascinators which were originally a type of lightweight knitted head-covering. The term “Fascinator” refers
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Prom Frocks Stockist Cornwall
Dresses by Prom Frocks
Dresses by Prom Frocks These beautiful dresses by Prom Frocks will make you feel and look amazing on your Prom
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Please come and browse our selection of Handbags, Jewellery , Tiaras and Gloves.